Tourist Information Office Opens in Sotogrande Port

Tourist Information Office Opens in Sotogrande Port

The Tourist Information Office at the entrance to Sotogrande Port has reopened for the season.

The office will open throughout the summer, from Wednesday to Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm, until the 15th September.

They distribute free information on tourist resources throughout the municipality to the abundant users who enter the office, which each summer comes to around one thousand people.

The tourist office says the most sought after information from the public during previous years were maps, information on museums, cultural tourism opportunities, gastronomic tourism, activities for children as well as polo, among others.

This summer 2017, visitors to the Tourist Information Office will also be able to find the latest edition of the printed Sotogrande Guide.

The nationality of most visitors to the tourist office were Spanish, British, French, German and Italian.

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