Sotogrande Golf Challenge Announced by San Roque City Council

The mayor of San Roque, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix, has announced together with the councilors of Tourism and Sports, the “Sotogrande Golf Challenge“, to be held from June to November 2021.

The Sotogrande Golf Challenge aims to be an amateur circuit for couples and will be played in all golf courses of the municipality of San Roque.

Six golf courses will host the regular phase: Starting on June 26th at La Reserva Club, Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort, The San Roque Club, Almenara Golf, La Cañada Golf and the Real Club Sotogrande.

Each course will host the qualifying tests of the circuit in this 2021 edition and the final culmination will be the headquarters of the Andalucía Valderrama Masters: The Real Club Valderrama in November.

Ana Ruiz, the chief tourism officer indicated “we are facing a unique event, where for the first time all the golf courses of our municipality are brought together under the same stage in a clear commitment from this city council to promote and demonstrate the importance of the golf segment in San Roque”.

Adding that “San Roque is golf and managing to promote and unite all the courses under the same common objective fills us all with satisfaction in what will be the beginning of an amateur circuit, which will be a national and international benchmark from now on.”

Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix stressed that this tourism initiative was born with the idea of ​​continuity in the post-pandemic era, with the good progress of the vaccination rate and the decrease in Covid cases, with the economic recovery, hand in hand with the generation of employment and the arrival of tourists to Sotogrande, Alcaidesa and the whole municipality of San Roque.

The aim is bringing together the products under the same umbrella #GolfInSanRoque #GolfInSotogrande to create a combined destination.

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