The magic behind the Hairy Lemon in Sotogrande Port

Lorenc and Lizzie started managing the restaurant 13 years ago and eventually purchased The Hairy Lemon a year or so later as they loved the business and knew they could increase its potential by investing more of their own time and by realizing more of their ideas.

Their vision was always to make the Hairy Lemon a place for families to enjoy, where people feel relaxed, comfortable, and welcome, whether they are dining or just popping in for a coffee. The Hairy Lemon is set in a tranquil square in the main marina of Sotogrande, making it perfect for families as children can safely explore the plaza while parents take some time to relax.

The aim was for the restaurant to be the central hub for the area and its community, where people could always come and enjoy events or create new friendships. Building relationships with their customers has always been the most important part of the business, and they always strive to give everyone friendly and warm service.

Lorenc worked for the first few years only in the kitchen, and they have always created their own menus together. He has always been adamant about using local suppliers and ensuring that their food is always made by their team in the kitchen. From homemade pies, desserts, to tapas such as duck croquettes or mushroom arancini, they take their time to prepare everything fresh.

Now he works both front of house and in the kitchen, ensuring that their service and food are as consistent as possible.

The tapas at the Hairy Lemon have always been hugely popular as they have tried to offer international flavors alongside more traditional ingredients. Several years ago, this wasn’t the norm in the area, allowing them to create menus that appealed to people who enjoy variety.

They introduced dishes like pan-fried duck breast with wasabi coleslaw, cajun calamari, muhummara, or Yucatan pulled pork, which were all flavors that weren’t commonly seen in Sotogrande at the time. They also served dishes like eggs benedict, eggs royale, a full English breakfast, and homemade pancakes, which were rarely seen in the area.

Now, the restaurant scene in Sotogrande has evolved, encouraging the growth of the number of residents and visitors.

Their menu appeals to all ages, tastes, and budgets, and they love seeing local people visit them regularly and tourists return year after year.

One of the most important aspects of their business is the team they work with. Their head chef Robert and front-of-house manager Alfonso have both been with them for more than a decade, and they have expanded the management team to include Antonio, Brigita, and Marilyn, who have all been with them for several years. They feel fortunate to work with such a dedicated team that all contribute to making the Hairy Lemon the success that it is.

They also have an additional bistro that customers can use for group bookings, children’s parties, birthdays, group meals, meetings, lessons, and more. It’s a great space that offers flexibility for their customers to use.

See you at the Lemon.

The Hairy Lemon
Address: Puerto Sotogrande, Plaza de los Naranjos, s/n, 11310 San Roque, Cádiz
Phone: 956 79 01 24