Sotogrande Writing Club Invites New Members to Join

If you are looking for something new to do, then why not join the Sotogrande Writing Club.

The club meets once a month on the second Thursday from 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm at Las Camelias hotel in Torreguadiaro.

Whether you are a seasoned writer or aspiring novelist, come along and mingle with other writers. Bring along something you’re working on or write on a themed topic – around 500 words.

Members of the Sotogrande Writing Club bring along a wide variety of writing fiction or creative non-fiction. Each author reads or has someone else read their excerpt which is listened to and commented on, all within a fifteen minute framework.

Sometimes, people want to attend, but don’t feel it appropriate to read something they’re currently working on. That’s OK, too. It is also helpful for people to bring along a piece they themselves have not written, but would like to read to the others.

“Being writers, we understand the insecurities and the need to protect that which we have created,” says Tracy, the group’s Founder, adding that “We also understand the need to tidy up something that has lost shape or structure, or fails to communicate what we are trying to say.”

The theme for December, ‘Something’s going on, I know . . .’ It’s great fun and inspirational to see how no two people ever write the same story even though they start from the same idea. It should also reassure you that no-one is going to steal that very special idea you have . . .’

Admission is free, simply buy a drink.