Sotogrande People Interview: Laura Vera, Founder of Take Out Home Delivery Service, DeliverEat had the opportunity to meet Laura Vera, Founder of the popular take out home delivery service, DeliverEat.

If you had to describe Sotogrande to someone, what would you say?

Sotogrande is a quiet and sunny place in the south of Spain. Always bright, full of positive energy. Sotogrande is a place that gives me inner peace.

What is your favorite thing to do in Sotogrande?

My favorite things to do in Sotogrande include walking with my dog on the beach or in the countryside, enjoy a snack with friends before lunch in a sunny place and in summer to watch the Polo matches.

What advice would you give to someone considering moving to Sotogrande?

After having traveled all over the world, I found Sotogrande to be the best place to live; you have sun, nature, can practice sports, feel a general peace and have great security… It’s an oasis that I can highly recommend to anyone considering moving to Sotogrande.

Tell us about your business; what made you launch DeliverEat?

DeliverEat is an online platform where you can choose from different restaurants in Sotogrande and the surrounding area, order what you want to eat, even from different restaurants and we deliver it to your home. You can also place your order in advance, as you can select the desired delivery date and time. We also take orders by phone but recommend making it online at as you can see the menus in detail and I think is more practical.

I launched DeliverEat because when I lived in Madrid, I was traveling all the time and when I arrived home, my fridge was always empty and I needed to call delivery companies if I wanted to have dinner. Sotogrande is huge and depending on where you live you can have a long way to go to the restaurants, supermarket, etc. and in general you cannot move without a car, so I missed this service too much and thought it will be very useful here.

DeliverEat Sotogrande

So now you know, next time you are not keen on getting in your car to go to the supermarket or drive to one of the great Restaurants in Sotogrande, you have DeliverEat!